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Halo Infinite Hard Lock And Crash To Dashboard Bug Reported

Halo Infinite appears to suffer from a major bug that leads to a hard lock and crash to the dashboard that could be a big hurdle in playing the game.

This bug has been reported by a few players and from the description, it sounds like this makes the game unplayable. Once you boot Halo Infinite and get into the menu, or in gameplay, you will face a hard lock on your Xbox Series consoles and you won’t be able to do anything. This will end with a crash to the dashboard on the Xbox Series consoles.

The exact nature of this bug remains unknown and according to a user who talked to Microsoft support regarding it, this doesn’t appear to be related to hardware but it is a software issue like the Big Team Battle mode.

So is there any fix for this problem? Not for now. Microsoft Support recommends waiting for a software update but they don’t have any ETA on when it will arrive. The known issues list by 343 Industries doesn’t mention it. But the answer by support confirms that other users have been affected by this issue so a fix should be out hopefully soon.

Halo Infinite campaign has launched on December 8 after releasing a multiplayer beta earlier in November.

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