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Life is Strange: True Colors Frame Rate vs. Resolution Mode Comparison: Which Is Better?

Life is Strange: True Colors was updated by Square Enix with a 60 FPS frame rate mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Find out if it is worth it?

In the Resolution mode, the game appears to render at native 4K with a 30 FPS limit while also adding ray-tracing to reflections. This is not the case with the Frame Rate mode, so which one is better for you?

How To Enable 60 FPS Frame Rate Mode In Life Is Strange: True Colors

To enable 60 FPS mode, you need to go into the settings menu. Pick the video settings and toggle the High Fidelity option from High Resolution to High Frame Rate mode. You can still keep ray-tracing enabled separately, but you can also disable it to try to improve resolution.

From what we can gather, ray-tracing in addition to 60 FPS mode leads to a lower resolution, likely around 1080p. Disabling it might improve the resolution a little. You also lose post-processing effects like the cinematic depth-of-field that can help some of the cutscenes look better.

The frame rate mode is not the ideal way to experience the game. You should stick with the resolution mode with ray-tracing for the first time and if you are replaying the game, you can go with the frame rate mode which will lead to smoother performance.

While you are here, you can read more on the game including our review. The game is available now for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. It is scheduled to launch on the Nintendo Switch on December 7.

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