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Monster Hunter World Iceborne Is Getting Leon and Claire DLC

Capcom has announced a new themed character DLC for Monster Hunter World Iceborne. This will unlock Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield in the game.

Capcom is no stranger to offering guest characters in Monster Hunter World. After the release of the Iceborne expansion, they had announced that Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy will star as Guest Character in a DLC themed around its Frozen Wild expansion.

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These are not the only guest characters that have been added to Monster Hunter World Iceborne. In the past, Geralt of Rivia has also been included as a guest character and Dante from Devil May Cry has made the jump to the game as well.

These two characters will be available to play in the game in November 2019. Capcom hasn’t announced any date for when they will be available to unlock in the game.

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The trailer for both Leon and Claire reveal was pure comedy gold and featured a cameo from Mr. X as well. It is not confirmed but he is also available in the game in some form with this new collaboration.

These characters will likely be added to the game with an update later in November. They are unlockable by playing through the new quests that will be available with the launch of the update.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne is a massive new expansion that was released earlier in September. It was available for $39.99 on PS4 and Xbox One and will launch in Winter 2019 for PC.

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