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Need for Speed Heat Multiplayer: How To Play Multiplayer In Need For Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat has support for online multiplayer but it is a little different. Here’s how you can challenge other players online.

The game is set in the fictional city Palm Spring that offers a massive open-world map to explore around for players. It also has more than 120 cars from 33 different manufacturers, offering it a sufficient amount of content and additional replay value for car enthusiastic.

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Multiplayer is offered in Need for Speed Heat but it is not possible to race in the traditional way. You keep the life of a street racer and are free to keep it private or make it public with some online multiplayer action.

need for speed heat multiplayer

How To Play Multiplayer In Need For Speed Heat

First, to get something out of the way, there is no support for offline co-op multiplayer or split-screen multiplayer in Need for Speed Heat. There is some online multiplayer support with the game offering up to 16-player servers. You can invite any racers online or do free-roaming around the map events with online friends or keep them NPC-only to play them offline.

The events are all dynamic in Need for Speed Heat and integrated with the online servers so if you are racing or performing any other event while being online, it is possible to encounter another human player. These players can also join you in the events and help you tackle objectives or race against competitors.

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Need for Speed Heat is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The day one patch and file size of the game was confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One. Ghost Games have developed this new iteration while it is being published by EA.

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