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New God of War Footage Teased In Raising Kratos Documentary, Possibly Prequel

God of War is getting a making-of documentary feature that explores behind-the-scenes development of the game. At the end of the trailer for this documentary, Sony is teasing new footage that is possibly from a prequel.

God of War reboot takes place several years after the events in the third game. Cory Barlog who is the director of God of War chooses to omit the explanation of Kratos arriving in the Norse Mythology, keeping it a mystery. The new Raising Kratos documentary seems to show a clear scene of Kratos heading out from a cave while still maintaining his old appearance from God of War 3.

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It is not immediately clear what the documentary is alluding to with this new footage that is possibly from a prequel but it doesn’t look to be gameplay so don’t take it as a tease for a sequel or a new game.  What we think it shows is a possible prequel movie that might explain how Kratos arrived in Norse Mythology.

Raising Kratos documentary will explore all the difficulties that were faced by the development team when making this new iteration of the series. It will provide an insight into most of the issues and challenges faced by the developers. It will be released on the PlayStation YouTube channel in celebration of the first anniversary of the game.

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As for the footage showing Kratos, you can view it near the end of this trailer. It is mostly fan speculation for now but you can notice that this footage is pre-rendered and it also shows bandages on Kratos’ arms which he removed by the middle of the story in the game, so this is not a sequel tease but rather a prequel cinematic. Update: It was confirmed by the director that this was indeed cinematic that was supposed to reveal the new God of War but didn’t make the cut.

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