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Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Version 11.11-0-43 Released

Nintendo 3DS has received a new firmware update version 11.11-0-43 which seems to be limited to certain regions. It supposedly improves the stability of the system.

Nintendo had recently announced that they will be removing the ability to use credit cards on their two older systems. First is the Nintendo 3DS and the other one is Nintendo Wii U. This means users won’t be able to use their credit card to purchase games and have to use alternatives like an eShop balance card to get games from the digital store.

The new update for the Nintendo 3DS is for firmware version 11.11-0-43 but the changelog is not clear on what exactly is included in it. The following is the changelog for the firmware version 11.11-0-43.

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

This is pretty standard for Nintendo because they have used similar changelogs for minor system software updates in the past. Nintendo 3DS is also getting minor updates like that either patch the security or make some small changes.

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In this specific case, it is for Europe and this update aims to remove the support for credit cards that Nintendo had already announced earlier this month. It doesn’t seem to do anything for the security of the system itself or add any new features to it.

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