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PS Vita Firmware Update 3.72 Patches Another Security Exploit

Sony has released a brand new firmware update for the PS Vita that patches a major exploit letting users hack their PS Vita and use homebrew on it.

PS Vita users were surprised to find out that Sony had a released a brand new firmware update for their so-called dead platform. It turned out to be another stability update which we all know is just a codename to say that an exploit was patched by them.

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It has turned out to be the case indeed as revealed by Andy Nguyen, who is well known in the homebrew community for the PS Vita. He had just released a new exploit for the PS Vita firmware that allowed users to run homebrew on the 3.71 firmware. It was patched rather quickly as Sony released PlayStation Vita firmware update 3.72 rather quickly.

As he later confirmed, the new update simply blacklisted the exploit that was discovered in the 3.71 firmware update. This means that users who want to keep their PlayStation Vita updated in order to access the digital store or play games online will have to update to the latest firmware or lose access to their game library.

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Sony hasn’t supposed the PlayStation Vita with firmware updates that add meaningful content. It has mostly been a case of patching any exploits that are discovered within the system in order to avoid the security from getting compromised. This was the case with the last firmware update as well.

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