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Nintendo Direct Rumored For September, Official Archives Updated

Nintendo had just held a Direct to showcase projects to celebrate the Super Mario 35th Anniversary, and now we have rumors of another Direct.

Some eagle-eyed fans have spotted an update made on the official Nintendo Direct archives. This update could mean nothing without context, however, if we go by history, it usually coincides with a brand new Nintendo Direct. This appears to be the case based on the log shared by VisioSpark, which has listed an update for the archives.

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This update could hint at Nintendo preparing for a brand new Direct, which can be true since they have nothing announced for the Nintendo Switch in November. Another thing to remember is that Amazon UK had leaked The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Nintendo Switch which still hasn’t received any official announcement.

nintendo direct september 2020

If the news of a Direct appears to be true, it will be revealed by Nintendo either a full day before or just get a surprise announcement like the Super Mario Direct earlier this week. In any case, there are still some games that are planned for the Nintendo Switch this year and one of these could be the leaked Skyward Sword while another one could be a potential Metroid Prime Trilogy. In addition to Paper Mario, we also had a leak of a new 2D Metroid which could be announced in the next Direct.

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