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Persona Party Game & Unannounced Persona 5 Spinoff Are In Development

A party game based on the Persona series as well as an unannounced Persona 5 spinoff are in development at Atlus.

Reset Era moderator Jawmuncher as well as member NateDrake have revealed that a party game based on the Persona series is in development, while member Im A Hero Too, who has previously leaked information regarding other titles in the series, has stated that there’s another Persona 5 spinoff in development besides Persona 5 Tactica.

Persona 5 spinoff party

Drake further stated that the party game is slated for release next year in 2024, and that it will feature characters spanning the entire franchise. He added that he didn’t know if this was some sort of collaboration project between Mario Party and Persona, but he seemed sure that it belongs to the party genre.

Meanwhile, Im A Hero Too talked about another Persona 5 Spinoff besides Persona 5 Tactica that has yet to be announced by Atlus. He stated that all prior information he had leaked about a Persona 5 spinoff was, in fact, referencing this unannounced title and not Persona 5 Tactica.

The leaker had previously stated that the next couple years will be “heavy” on Persona titles, so much that he’s “sick” of hearing about the series. He said that the Persona 3 remake will arrive in store shelves before Persona 6. He also hinted at the possibility of a trailer for the Persona 3 remake arriving by the end of May, 2023. Regarding Persona 6, he said that it is a bigger project in comparison to Persona 5, and that it’s also very “unique”.

Besides the Persona 3 remake and Persona 6, Im A Hero Too also mentioned another entry in the series that is set for release next year. He said that he’s still shocked that no one had leaked it yet. He refrained from providing any further details, however. We now know that this in not Persona 5 Tactica, rather a completely different spinoff.

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