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Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion: New Legendary Pokémon & More

Pokémon Sword and Shield are getting a lot of new content in 2020 with an expansion pass. Here are the details on what it contains and when it will launch.

Pokémon Sword and Shield received a major update during a Direct that revealed several new pieces of information. First of all, it was confirmed that a new expansion pass will launch for the game that will add two new expansions. This pass will feature The Isle of Armor and The Crown Thundra expansion. Nintendo released an update adding one of the new Pokémon to Sword and Shield later that day.

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The first expansion will launch later this year in June 2020. It is called The Isle of Armor and will also feature 100 new Pokémon. If you don’t own the expansion, you can still get these new Pokémon through trading after a free update is released along with the expansion. The theme of this expansion is growth and will introduce a new way to challenge and battle Pokémon.

pokémon sword and shield expansions

The second expansion is called The Crown Thundra. This one focuses on another new region and the theme this time is exploration. It is set to launch in Fall 2020. It will also add another 100 new Pokémon to capture in the game. These can be similarly captured by trading with other players who have the expansion pass once a free update is available later this year.

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As it is the case with a new Pokémon update, there are two new Legendary Pokémon that will be available to capture in the game. The first one is a fighting-type Pokémon called Kubfu. It can be evolved in Urshifu.

The second Legendary Pokémon is Psychic and Gross-type called Calyrex. This one is a part of the second expansion, The Crown Thundra. In addition to all these new features, new Gigantamax forms for Pokémon, special Dojo, and Rivals will be added to the game along with the expansion pass.

The two expansions are available in a bundle and can be pre-ordered for $29.99. If you haven’t bought Pokémon Sword and Shield, you can get these expansions along with the game for $89.99 in a bundle.

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