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PS3 Firmware Update 4.86 Gets a Surprise Release Today

Sony has updated the PS3 firmware update to version 4.86 today. This is a surprise update that doesn’t appear to do much aside from stopping piracy.

Sony had stopped releasing new PS3 firmware updates a while ago but this is the first time since last year that they have launched a new firmware update. This update is happening around the time when Sony is planning to pull messenger support from PS3. This means it won’t be possible to send messages and get messages from PlayStation Network users on a PS3.

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As the release of this new firmware update was a surprise, it has been assumed that this is another attempt by Sony to curb down on piracy on the PS3. They have continued to do this for a while now, releasing new firmware updates to disable access of pirated PS3 to their PlayStation Network.

ps3 firmware update 4.86

If you are interested in grabbing this firmware update, you can head over to the official PlayStation support website. PS3 firmware update 4.86 has the following changelog.

New for 4.86

This system software update improves system performance.

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So while this update is new, it doesn’t appear to be any different when it comes to official changes. Sony usually uses this language to release silent PlayStation 3 updates that can work in the background.

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