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Final Fantasy VII Remake File Size Confirmed, Physical Copies Out In Australia

Final Fantasy VII Remake physical copies are out in Australia. This has also confirmed the file size of the full game excluding the day one patch.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is getting an early release in Australia and some parts of Europe. This applies to the physical version of the game only and so far, it hasn’t been reflected in the digital pre-order. Square Enix did move the date for the digital pre-load from April 9 to April 3, which should give an ample amount of time to download the game.

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As the physical copies are getting in the hands of users who had pre-ordered the game, the final file size of the game excluding any of the day one updates is confirmed as well. According to a user on reddit who has the game installed on his hard disk, the final file size is almost 95.7 GB. The hard disk requirement on the back is listed as 100 GB which fits in the file size criteria.

final fantasy vii remake file size

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the most anticipated games of this generation. It was first announced back in 2015 and was confirmed to launch first on PlayStation 4. The release date was confirmed last year but the initial release date was delayed by a month and pushed to April 10 from March. To compensate for this delay, a demo was made available on PSN from March 1.

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The game is officially set to launch on April 10. There is no day one update available as of yet but that should change as the release date gets closer. Overall, this is one of the largest games in terms of file size at launch. It reportedly ships on two discs for PS4.

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