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PS4 Firmware Update 6.71 Is Out Now, Another Performance Update

Sony has released PS4 firmware update 6.71 today after releasing another one last week. This seems to be another performance update for the PS4.

PS4 firmware update 6.71 is roughly 440 MB in size, which is around the same as the previous firmware. After the last update, some users started to report encountering issues with their PS4 so this might solve the problems that they might be facing after the new update.

Here is the changelog for this new PS4 firmware update that is available to download now. If you haven’t received the notification to download it yet, you can grab it from the official Sony servers. It will take a while but this page still shows the old firmware version even though the new one is live right now.

Main features in PS4 Firmware Update version 6.71 update

  • This system software update improves system performance.

As far as any other change is concerned, it hasn’t been confirmed so far. Sony has been quick to fix any issues with the system software for the PS4.

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Sony has now started to tease their next-generation console with the PS4 getting near the end of its life cycle. The last major PS4 system software added support for remote play through the iOS devices while the one before that included support for PSN name change.

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