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Square Enix Will Release “Major New HD Games” From October 2019 To April 2021

Square Enix has some big plans for their upcoming E3 2019 media presentation. They are going to announce their major new HD games for the current fiscal year leading into the fiscal year 2021.

Square Enix is again holding a new presentation at E3 2019. They are expected to show new information on Final Fantasy VII Remake, Marvel’s Avengers, and their upcoming games. They have also announced that they will publish Dying Light 2 and teased a new game called Outriders.

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In their outline of results for the fiscal year 2020, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda talked about their future plans also briefly teasing their E3 2019 presentation.

“At E3, we plan to unveil the details of our major new HD games for FY2020/3, but due to the progress of our development efforts and out of consideration of competitor release schedules, our major launches will take place after midyear of FY2020/3, said Matsuda when giving an outline of their future plans.

“As such, the FY2020/3 earnings contribution will be limited. We had initially anticipated to grow up and to the right between FY2019/3 and FY2020/3, but we now look to trend flat given that we will be “rewinding” one year in our earnings trajectory.”

“In light of our forthcoming lineup of titles, we believe that it is FY2021/3 and beyond when we can expect major growth and think we have the potential to generate operating income of ¥40-50 billion.”

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Marvel’s Avengers and Final Fantasy VII Remake are two of the most anticipated games that are currently in development at Square Enix.

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