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PS4 To Price Drop To $150 For Black Friday Deal, Cheapest So Far

Sony is going with an aggressive Black Friday deal for their PS4 this year with a price drop of $50 to $150 for a PS4 making it the cheapest offer so far.

PS4 has been on sale during every Black Friday but it has never dropped to $200. Last year, Sony had a killer deal with a PS4 and Spider-Man bundle and this year they appear to be making it further cheaper by dropping the price to $150.

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A new promotional ad has been leaked for Walmart that has consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One being sold for $150. Nintendo Switch is also getting a price drop to $200 for Black Friday, which is another amazing deal if you are in the market for a Nintendo Switch. The ad was posted to CheapAssGamer and can be seen below.

Another killer deal is for the Nintendo Switch, which will be sold for $150. This portable only version of the Nintendo Switch has launched in September and it is already being price dropped to $150 making it an attractive offer for those who are looking to get one.

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If you want to get a PS4, this might be the best time to buy it considering how Sony is launching the next-generation PS5 in Holiday 2020. Microsoft is also planning to launch its next-generation console in the same time frame so the next-generation will properly start from the end of 2020.

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