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PS5 Black DualSense Controller and Testing Kit Seen In New Images

Sony has trademarked a testing kit for the PS5 and a DualSense Controller with a black color scheme in new images seen on the FCC website.

First is a testing kit. This has a serial number of DFI-T1000AA and it appears to be a development kit, but that is speculation at this point. This is similar in design to a regular PS5 except it is being called a testing kit in the FCC listing.

More images appear to show that this one has an AC adapter and something that is being called a CP box in the listing. It could be an external SSD since the casing appears to be similar in design to an external hard disk. This was spotted by Twitter user WellGamer789.

Next, we have the DualSense Controller that appears to come in a black color scheme. The official color scheme of the DualSense controller is white but in this case, the entire controller appears black with no color even for the buttons.

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The FCC listing has a serial number of CFIZCT1 for this controller. It is shown in black with various angles. We can also see it in all of its naked glory.

While only one color is available for the DualSense controller, just like it was the case with the DualShock 4 for the PlayStation 4, Sony might release more colored controllers after the launch of the console later this Holiday.

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PS5 will be released on November 12 for the major markets and November 19 for the rest of the world. There are two editions of the console. One is the digital edition that lacks a disc drive and will be sold for $399 while the second is a disc edition that will be sold for $499.

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