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Dino Crisis Remake Concept Re-Imagined by a Fan and It Looks Amazing

Dino Crisis is a classic IP by Capcom that hasn’t been seen in action for two generations, so a fan has shared a concept on how a remake might look for it.

Capcom is slowly working on getting their classic IPs back on the current generation consoles but they haven’t done anything with Dino Crisis IP. They have remastered some old games like Onimusha and Okami while remaking others like Resident Evil 2 and 3. Dino Crisis is an IP that could offer a lot of potential with the advancement in technology, but there is no official announcement on what Capcom is planning to do with it.

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Dino Crisis fans have been requesting a return for the IP for a long time, some are even taking it to themselves to either remake the classic game, or create one that is similar to it.

One fan has now created concept art for a Dino Crisis Remake, re-imaging how it will look like on the current generation consoles. This concept art for a Dino Crisis Remake was made by Alexander Forssberg who shared it on his art station page as well.

This seriously looks good and if Capcom does make a remake in the RE Engine, they can achieve the result as seen in the concept art. Of course, we don’t know if Capcom is planning to resurrect the Dino Crisis IP, but there have been rumors regarding it for a while now.

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The series made its debut for the PS1. The first game was immediately followed with a sequel. The game played similar to the Resident Evil series on PS1, sharing many of the UI and gameplay elements from it, but replaced mutated creatures with Dinosaurs on a remote facility. The last game in the series was exclusive to the Xbox and ended up being a big commercial and critical failure. It is often regarded as one of the worst games in the series.

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