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Xbox Series X UI’s 1080p Resolution Is Not Final and Will Be Updated Before Launch

Xbox Series X UI is limited to just 1080p resolution however according to Microsoft, this is not the final resolution and it might be updated before launch.

Recently, Digital Foundry’s John Linemann expressed his disappointment over the 1080p limit for the Xbox Series X UI. It was speculated at that point that this might be an early version that hasn’t been updated to 4K ahead of the launch of the console. Since the same UI is used for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

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The Verge’s Senior Editor, Tom Warren has also confirmed that this is the current resolution for the UI on the Xbox Series X, which has been marketed as a 4K console by Microsoft.

xbox series x ui resolution

According to The Verge’s Jeff Grubb, Microsoft has already clarified this news to influencers and it was specifically mentioned in the embargo that they received along with the Xbox Series X. They asked not to dwell on the UI details as it is not final and will be updated before the console launches on November 10.

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One of the reasons why the UI has been limited to 1080p is to save on resources that might be better used by the developers. The UI could take additional RAM space which could have benefited games more rather than the UI, but all of that is speculation at this point because this is not the final version of the UI and an update is planned for it ahead of the November 10 launch.

Xbox Series S and Series X will launch on November 10, 2020. While the Series S is cheaper at $299, Series X is the high-end console with a price tag of $499.

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