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PS5 SSD Expansion Method Detailed by Sony and It Is a Complicated Mess

Sony has finally explained how PS5 users will be able to upgrade the SSD storage on their console and honestly it is not an easy task.

To actually upgrade your SSD storage, you will need to first do proper research and determine an SSD that will actually be supported on the PS5. You simply can’t go out and plug an SSD into the console. To get these details, visit the support website and find the minimum specifications.

To get the nitty-gritty details out of the way, you can use an SSD with a capacity of 250 GB up to 4 TB. The issue here is the pricing as you will need top-of-the-line SSDs to install them on your PS5. These SSDs must have a read speed of 5500 MB/s at the minimum. You need to measure their exact width, which should be 22mm width.

ps5 ssd

There is more information to take into consideration when purchasing an SSD that can be used on the PS5. But even if you go through all this hassle, Sony shares the following warning.

Not all games are necessarily playable with the exact same performance provided by the PS5 console’s internal Ultra-High Speed SSD, even where the M.2 SSD device’s sequential read speed is faster than 5500MB/s.

Take into account the cooling solution required to get an SSD installed, and we can’t help but feel like this is a potential disaster waiting to happen. Once you have identified the SSD, you need to follow the process of installing it, as detailed on the support website. Removing it will be another method altogether, so we’d rather not talk about it.

Right now, SSD support is only available in a new Beta firmware update for the PS5. If you have installed it and are brave enough to test out SSD, you can take advantage of this new feature and improve the storage capacity of your console.

We do wish Sony had opted for a simpler solution like Microsoft did for Xbox Series consoles. They just released an official expansion slot that can be easily inserted and removed from the console without having to open it up.

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