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Sony Has Finally Added A Highly Requested Feature To PlayStation Store

Sony has added the ability to purchase games from PSN even if the user has a PlayStation Now or PS Plus subscription with that game in the library.

This is one of the highly requested features from users that have an active PS Plus or PlayStation Now subscription. While you can play games that are available with the subscription on PSN, they won’t be playable anymore if the subscription expires. If a user wants to get a game during a sale on PSN while having an active subscription, it wasn’t possible in the past.

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The new update has been made to the PlayStation Store on PS4. We tried to find out if the web store offered a similar option but that wasn’t the case for now. It is possible that Sony will implement this feature retroactively across all devices.

If you have a PS4 now, you can head over to any game that is tied to your subscription and you will get different options depending on your subscription service. If you have claimed the game as a PS Plus freebie, you will get the option to download the game in addition to purchasing it separately, for example, in case it is for sale.

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If you have a PS Now subscription, you can get the option to download or stream the game in addition to purchasing it through the PlayStation Store. As seen on reddit, this choice is not available for every game that is available on the two different subscription services but it is possible that this is an update in progress and will be gradually rolled across every game and device.

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