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Rage 2 Weekly Challenges and Rewards Detailed, New Update Out

Rage 2 will get weekly challenges and event and the first one of them is out now in the game with the release of an update today for all platforms. Here’s what is available in the game right now along with details on missions and their reward.

Starting from June 28, you will be able to perform different missions and get rewards for them. If you miss out on them, there is still the chance that Bethesda will repeat them in the future so they are not going to disappear forever.

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Rage 2 Weekly Challenges and Rewards (June – July – August)

  • Phase One (June 28 – July 1): Drive off the Worm!
    • Drive off the Worm in the name of the Trade Coalition and you’ll get 15x Nanotrite Boosters and 15x Life Glands.
  • Phase Two (July 2 – July 4): Drive off the Worm Again!
    • The giant nuisance has returned and it’s wreaking havoc. Get rid of it again for 15x Weapon Core Mods and the Apparition Shotgun Skin.
  • Phase Three (July 5 – July 11): Kill the Worm!
    • You very clearly told the Worm if it ever came back, you’d have to kill it. Well it’s back, and now you have to kill it and kill it good. Putting it down for good will definitely be worth it, though, because you’ll get the brand-new one-wheeler Armadillo vehicle.

This will be followed by a Wasteland Challenge Rewind letting you get all the previous rewards if you can take out 1,000,000 Goons. It will be available from July 12 until July 18.

Following it up, you can get a rare chance to get the Doom Bringer skin beginning from July 19 to July 25, if you can loot 250,000 meteor sites.

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From July 26 to August 1, there will be a new challenge letting you take out 1,000,000 Immortal Shrouded and the Trade Coalition. You will get a Deep Burn Shotgun skin for completing this challenge.

If you haven’t received them, you will need to download Rage 2 update 1.04 on PS4 in order to activate them. The new update should also be available on PC and Xbox One.

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