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Resident Evil 2 PC Mod Unlocks Chris Redfield As a Playable Character

PC modding has its benefits and one of them is that you can discover scrapped character models or hidden extras in the game files. It is also possible to make them playable as it happened with Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 2.

This new character model of Chris Redfield is actually the same one that you can see at the end of Resident Evil 7. The game engine is the same between both of them with Capcom using their RE Engine to develop them. It is not surprising that Chris Redfield ends up becoming one of the playable characters even if there is no way to see him or play as him, in the actual game.

Thanks to the work and discovery made by Resident Evil 2 modding community on PC, you can now play as him. His character is buggy though since any weapons that you equip on him will not behave normally as it does for Leon and Claire. The weapons will instead follow him like magic.

How To Unlock Chris Redfield As A Playable Character In Resident Evil 2?

  • Download the character model of Chris Redfield¬†from the given link in the source below.
  • Make sure to create a backup of the PAK file that you can find in “RESIDENT EVIL 2 BIOHAZARD RE2\920561”
  • Extract the downloaded .rar file into the game’s root directory to install this mod.

Just keep in mind that this is not going to be an actual functional character but more of a proof of concept. Perhaps, Capcom is working on adding Chris Redfield for the upcoming The Ghost Survivors gameplay mode, but so far it hasn’t been confirmed.

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Source (RE Modding)

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