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Resident Evil 7 Has Sold More Than 6M Copies, Monster Hunter World Approaching 12M

Capcom has shared updated sales result for all of their major blockbusters giving us new sales number for Resident Evil 7, Monster Hunter World and Megaman Legacy Collection among others.

The newly updated sales figure are a great way to see the legs of a game and how well it is doing over a specific time period. Resident Evil 7 might have underperformed at launch, and it sold less than Resident Evil 2 Remake in its debut week, but the legs were fairly good for it. The game has now sold more than six million copies worldwide with a final total that stands at 6.1 million.

Monster Hunter World is the best selling game for Capcom so far. It was the fastest selling Monster Hunter game and now it is approaching 11.9 million in sales. This is a massive number and a feat that no other game has achieved in history for Capcom. What’s more impressive is that these sales count just one year and there were no re-releases of the game. Capcom has announced an expansion for Monster Hunter World and released an update featuring Geralt from The Witcher.

The full list of updated sales can be seen below. The bolded numbers are the new sales which are added to the life-to-date sales number.

Monster Hunter World – 11.9M (10.7M) ( +1.2M )
Monster Hunter XX – 3M ( 1.8M ) ( +1.2M )
Street Fighter V – 2.9M (2.2M) (+700K)
RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard – 6.1M ( 5.7M) ( +400K )
Resident Evil 0: HD Remaster – 2.1M (2M) (+100K)
Resident Evil Revelations – 1.9M (1.8M) (+100K)
Resident Evil 6 1.6M – (1.5M) ( +100K)
Resident Evil 4 1.4M – (1.3M) (+100K)
MARVEL VS. CAPCOM: INFINITE – 1.3M (1.2M) ( +100K )
Resident Evil 5 – 1.3M (1.2M) ( +100K )
Devil May Cry HD Collection – 1.2M (1.1M) (+100K)
Mega Man Legacy Collection – 1.1M (1M) (+100K)

Resident Evil 7 also removed its Denuvo DRM implementation recently on PC. The game was datamined by fans to discover that it hid away an early first-person prototype for Resident Evil 2.

Source (ResetERA via Capcom)

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