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Resident Evil Playtest Event In March Fuels New Resident Evil Project Rumors

Resident Evil rumors are starting to crop up again with a brand new playtest that is being scheduled worldwide beginning this March.

Capcom has used the Resident Evil Ambassadors program to recruit for playtesters that can help them gather feedback for new Resident Evil projects. They have done this playtest ahead of revealing new Resident Evil projects including Project Resistance, and RE 3 Remake. Both of these will be out on April 4, 2020.

resident evil playtest

As the launch of both upcoming Resident Evil games is close, it is rather strange to see Capcom recruiting more users for a playtest that will happen worldwide. This playtest is being scheduled from March and will be held in Japan, US, and Germany.

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Here are the details on this playtest including its timing.


  • Japan: Tokyo
  • US: Los Angeles, California
  • US: New York City, New York
  • Germany: Frankfurt

Schedule (Timetable TBD)

  • Tokyo (February 29 or March 1)
  • Los Angeles (March 8 or March 9)
  • New York (March 12 or March 13)
  • Frankfurt (March 20 or March 21)

The only requirements to join this Playtest are that you need to be registered for the Resident Evil Ambassadors program and be over the age of 18. There is no participation fee for this playtest.

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To register for the RE Ambassadors program, you can fill out this form. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee a chance to playtest unannounced RE projects.

If you are already registered for the RE Ambassadors program, you will be able to get an email from Capcom that reveals details on any of the upcoming playtests including this new one. As of yet, there is no information on what is being playtested but Capcom has reportedly held playtests of previously unannounced Project Resistance and RE 3 Remake before revealing them.

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