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Skater XL Day One Update Is Massive, File Size and Patch Notes Revealed

Skater XL is out on July 28. It was already available for PC and will finally make its debut on consoles. Here are the details on its day one update.

Skater XL has a day one update for the PS4. This update is roughly 7.3 GB in size and should be a part of the pre-load for the game which will go live near launch.

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Skater XL is also coming to the Xbox One but we aren’t sure if the update size is the same for Xbox One users. The patch notes should be similar across both platforms. The game was available as part of early access on PC and will also launch for the Nintendo Switch.

Skater XL Update 1.02 Patch Notes

Changes and additions

  • Better performance during grinds and challenges
  • Fixed missing grindables and collision
  • Removed respawn pin from replays
  • Changed default clothing for custom skaters
  • Fixed grind to grind bug
  • Fixed bug when holding both push buttons
  • Fixed incorrect sounds on certain grindables
  • Added and removed props to make for better lines
  • Added new challenge success and fail sounds
  • Fixed visual artifact bug by upgrading Temporal Anti Aliasing

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Here is an overview of the game taken from Amazon.

  • Freedom of expression skater XL is unique in that it Doesn’t have any tricks programmed into it, only control of movement through the thumb sticks. Each thumb stick corresponds to each foot of the skater
  • Play as real-life Pro skaters the game is launching with highly renowned pros tiago lemos, brandon westgate, Evan Smith, and Tom asta. Each skater will have their own Gear that fits their style.
  • Real life iconic skating locations the game will launch with three large maps based in California and the West coast.
  • Customizable characters and boards – customize your entire look, from their skater’s physical attributes to Gear and boards with distinctive decks, trucks, wheels, and grip tape.
  • Thriving community more than 50, 000 members in discord who create online zines, fakeskate brands, and hundreds of mods; players can join the digital skateboarding subculture

Skater XL will be out on July 28 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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