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Sony Is Gathering User Feedback On Six Years of PS4 Ahead of the Launch of PS5

Sony is apparently sending users surveys to ask about their experience with six years of the PS4. They are doing it ahead of the launch of PS5 in 2020.

Sony has confirmed the name of their next-generation console which is called PlayStation 5 and will arrive in Holiday 2020. It will apparently support backward compatibility for PS4. PS5 was first revealed by Sony earlier this year where they confirmed some of the hardware features that will be supported in the console including super-fast load times that were demonstrated with Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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While PS5 has one whole year to go, we are just closing down on the sixth year of the PlayStation 4 which arrived in the market in Holiday 2013. The console has been incredibly successful for Sony and has passed the 100 million sales mark ahead of the PS1 and PS3. It is now the second fastest-selling console for Sony in the worldwide market that has almost twice as many sales as the Xbox One.

ps4 survey by sony

Sony is sending surveys to select users as shared by this reddit user, thus giving them a chance to explain their experience with the PlayStation 4. It is a common way to get user feedback which can sometimes be used to determine the launch of a product as well. It is very unlikely that any single user’s feedback will be used as a barometer to determine PS5 features, but nonetheless, they still have the choice to voice their opinion to Sony.

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If you haven’t received any such survey, either you are not considered by the company or you will likely get it after some time as these are sent in phases so not everyone gets them at once. If you do get it, it is perhaps time to ask for region free DLC and saves which are a sore sticking point for the PS4.

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