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PS5 Backward Compatibility Rumor Hints It Might Run All Old PlayStation Console Games

PS5 will have some backward compatibility with old games. Now a rumor states this might apply to all old PlayStation consoles.

Sony has yet to share details on what kind of backward compatibility will be offered by the PS5 while earlier patents hint at complete backward compatibility, this has yet to be confirmed by Sony. Recently, the company shared more details on their next-generation console also confirming that it will launch in Holiday 2020.

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While the console is now confirmed and officially labeled as the PlayStation 5, the details on backward compatibility are still not fully revealed by Sony. In the most recent statement that was given to the press, they requested to wait for more information before confirming full backward compatibility for PS5.

ps5 backward compability

There are now two sources regarding a new rumor of backward compatibility on PS5. First is Patrick Klepeck who is a journalist with a good track record working at Vice. He shared this information in a Waypoint Radio podcast regarding the PS5 backward compatibility. He has heard from sources that the upcoming Sony console will feature full backward compatibility with all past consoles including PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4.

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The second source of this rumor is an odd Twitter account that seemed to have accurately leaked the release date for The Last of Us Part 2 back in June. This account tweeted about the PS5 backward compatibility news on October 1st and since this account was right on the money with the release date for The Last of Us Part 2, people are now expecting the backward compatibility news to be true as well.

Sony is expected to share more details on its next-generation console heading into 2020. They might end up confirming whether their upcoming console will only support PS4 or even older consoles.

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