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Street Fighter 5 Will Possibly Get New Content and More Characters

Street Fighter 5 is one of the best examples of a GaaS release this year and it is not stopping anytime soon. Capcom is planning to add more new content.

Capcom has released three season passes for Street Fighter 5, each of which has added new characters. The third season pass was released along with the launch of the Arcade Edition of the game and it was followed by individual character releases like Kage, E. Honda, Poison and Lucia. This is not the end of new characters for Street Fighter 5.

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As reported by EventHubs, Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono was recently present at an event to share some details on their upcoming plans.

“You wanna see new characters, right? You want new content too, I’m sure that’s what you’re all thinking. Well, about that, we’re going to have new information to present to you in regards to that at the Capcom Cup North American Finals in November, and at Capcom Cup in December, so if you could please just stay patient until then.”

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While the fourth season of Street Fighter V added four new characters, they weren’t available in a single season pass as it has been the case in the past. Capcom hasn’t shared any plans for launching any more bundles for the game so it is safe to assume that the next set of characters won’t be a part of a brand new season pass but rather launch as a bundle.

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