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The Callisto Protocol Update 1.07 Brings More Console Optimizations, Here Are The Patch Notes

Striking Distance Studios has released The Callisto Protocol update 1.07 (1.007 on PS5) today December 9. Here are the details on its patch notes.

This is a rather large update based on its file size and packs around 10 GB of data at least on the PS5. The file size of this update suggests that this is a substantial patch to the game, however, there are no official patch notes available for this one yet. The last major update that was recorded for the game was for the PC version and in this patch, the developers revealed that they were still working on optimizations for the game.

The Callisto Protocol Update 1.07 Patch Notes

  • General bug fixes, updates, and improvements

Here is the statement shared by Striking Distance Studios regarding the recently launched patch on PC, and this likely applies to the console version as well.

“We’re listening to your feedback and working hard to further optimize PC performance. Today we released a new PC update that improves PSO caching and further reduces any stuttering issues. Additional PC and console optimizations are in the works now. Stay tuned.”

Update: This patch will resolve the issue with ray-tracing reflections as confirmed by the devs.

“Today we launched patches for all console versions of TCP with bug fixes and improvements, including enabling ray-traced reflections on Xbox Series X. We are working daily on optimizations for all platforms and are listening to your feedback. Thanks for your patience.”

They are also working on fixing the reflections for the game on the Xbox Series X. While the new update is already available for the Xbox Series consoles, it doesn’t appear to have resolved the issue. Ray-tracing is enabled on the consoles as well as on PC but there are missing reflections on Xbox Series compared to the PS5.

The Callisto Protocol launched with stuttering issues on PC but the developers continued to patch the game reducing the frequency of these stutters as well improving the performance of the game. It is currently available to play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. The game was developed by a brand new studio called Striking Distance Studios, under the direction of Glen Schofield, who co-created the Dead Space series under EA.

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