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The Last of Us Part 2 Major Story Spoilers Are Starting To Leak Online

The Last of Us Part 2 fans have to brace for the impact of story spoilers that have made their way online today in the form of a leaked gameplay video.

The Last of Us Part 2 was originally supposed to launch on May 29, but it was delayed indefinitely owning to the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping every country across the globe. Sony Interactive Entertainment made the decision to delay both The Last of Us Part 2 and Marvel’s Iron Man VR. They haven’t announced any new release date for both of these games.

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As the game was delayed, gameplay clips emerged from a leaked developer build that showed some new gameplay. This time, the gameplay leak didn’t spoil much and it was taken down rather quickly. Today, another gameplay snippet was posted that not only showed a major story spoiler but also revealed that a work-in-progress version of the multiplayer. All of this proves that this might be the work of an ex-developer who had access to an early build of the game.

the last of us part 2 major story spoilers

If you are eagerly waiting for The Last of Us Part 2, it is best to avoid going to YouTube for now since the videos were posted on a particular YouTube channel which has been taken down now. It is still possible that someone had made a copy and will start to spoil it for others on social media. You should mute words related to the game and avoid YouTube recommendations related to it, just in case you don’t want to accidentally spoil any major story event.

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While the main game was confirmed to lack a proper multiplayer mode, Naughty Dog did assure fans that they are working on a multiplayer mode for the game that will be released separately from the main game. It appears that the leaker also had access to this multiplayer build but it is too early to say anything conclusive for it.

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