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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Daily and Weekly Challenges Updated

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has been updated to version 1.06 along with a refresh of its daily and weekly challenges. Here a look at what is added to the game and what you need to complete to get Nitro Coins for the Grand Prix.

There was an exploit on the Thunder Struck racing track that appears to have been patched with the release of this new update. It was a shortcut that allowed everyone to cut time and it was also used as a way to farm Wumpa Coins.

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In addition to this, all of the CTR Nitro-Fueled daily, quick, and weekly have been updated with the new update. You can still look at the old challenges or find out the Pro and Themed challenges. Don’t forget that you can grab a free dynamic theme for PS4 as well.

CTR Nitro-Fueled Quick Challenges (100)

  • Coming in First: Win a race in any mode (100)
  • Fashion Show: Customize a kart and drive it (100)
  • N. Tropy’s Apprentice: Complete a Time Trial race (100)
  • Online Racer: Complete a race in Online Matchmaking (100)
  • Window Shopping: Visit the Pit Stop to discover daily offers (100)​

CTR Nitro-Fueled Daily Challenges (75-150)

  • Bacon Eater: Score a total of 5 flags with Pura in Steal the Bacon (75)
  • Crystal Poacher: Collect a total of 10 crystals in Crystal Grab with either Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. N.Gin, or Dingodile (100)
  • Expert Stuntman: Perform 10 trick jumps with Papu Papu (75)
  • Multi Hits: Hit an opponent with a Power Up in an Online Matchmaking race (75)
  • No Boost Needed: Finish 1st without using any Turbo Pads in Jungle Boogie (100)
  • On to the Next One: Complete Uka Cup (150)
  • Power Up Master: Hit an opponent 3 times with a Missile using Papu Papu (75)
  • Sliding Your Way Through: Perform a Power Slide (100)
  • Token Collector: Complete the CTR Challenge in Sewer Speedway (150)
  • Flag Collector: Score a total of 5 flags in Capture the Flag in The North Bowl (75)​

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Weekly Challenges (200-300)

  • N. Sane Hat Trick: Win a game in 3 different Battle Modes on Desert Storm (250)
  • 25 in the Bag: Capture 25 flags in Capture the Flag (250)
  • Crate Breaker: Break up a total of 50 crates (250)
  • Crystal Gatherer: Collect a total of 100 crystals in any game mode (250)
  • Fan of the Flags: Play 5 games of Capture the Flag in Nitro Court (200)
  • Friendly Meeting: Race online against one of your friends (300)
  • Kamikaze: Hit another player by letting yourself explode with a TNT crate (250)
  • Online Champion: Win 10 races in Online Matchmaking driving either Team Trance, Team Oxide, or Doom Buggy (250)
  • Perfect Start: Start 10 races with a Starting Boost (300)
  • Solo Champion: Win 10 races in Single Race driving either Team Bandicoot, Team Cortex or Imperium (250)
  • To the Limit: Play 3 games of Limit Battle in The North Bowl (250)
  • Uka-Uka’s Minion: Hit a total of 25 characters in Aku-Aku’s team (200)

That’s it for this week. Credit for the list goes to Reddit. You still have a whole month to attempt to unlock the new items added to the Pit Stop, or get Tawna Bandicoot as an unlockable character.

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