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Crash Team Racing Spooky Grand Prix Challenges and Rewards

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is getting Spooky Grand Prix with a new update that launched today. Here are the challenges and rewards for this new event.

As it is the case with most of the Grand Prix events, the new Spooky Grand Prix comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. These challenges can be classified into the following categories: Quick, Weekly, Daily, Themed, and Pro Challenges.

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The Spooky Grand Prix is one of the three new content updates that was announced recently. The other two being Nitro Circus Grand Prix and Winter Festival Grand Prix. Nina Cortex is one of the unlockable characters for this new Grand Prix.

Crash Team Racing Spyro & Friends Grand Prix Challenges and Rewards

Quick Challenges

Challenge Task Nitro Points
Coming in First Win a race in any mode. 200
Dr. N. Tropy’s Apprentice Complete a Time Trial. 200
Fashion Show Customize a kart, then drive it. 200
Online Racer Complete a race in Online Matchmaking. 200
Window Shopping Visit the Pit Stop to discover the daily offers. 200

Weekly Challenges

Challenge Task Nitro Points
Crystal Gatherer Collect a total of 75 crystals in any game mode. 250
Friendly Meeting Race online against one of your friends. 300
Hit Collector Complete a game of Last Kart Driving with the highest amount of hits in Nitro Court. 250
Juiced Up! Use Juiced Up Power-Ups 10 times. 250
King of Boosting Drift Boost a total of 50 times. 250
Look at Yourself in the Mirror Win 10 races in Mirror Mode this week. 250
N. Sane Hat Trick Win a game in 3 different Battle Modes on Nitro Court. 250
Super Charged Boost! Accumulate a total of 200 seconds of Air Time. 300
This is MY Ride Complete 8 Online Matchmaking races with the Six-Pipes kart body. 250
Track Adventurer – Part 1 Complete 12 laps in Deep Sea Driving. 200
Track Adventurer – Part 2 Complete 12 laps in Roo’s Tubes. 200
Trick or Treat Break 60 crates with a Ghost inside during the week. 200

Daily Challenges

Challenge Task Nitro Points
A fast as Tropy Finish Roo’s Tubes in less than 1:50:00. 100
Fresh Juice Complete a race while being Juiced Up. 75
Ghost Chase Find and catch 10 Ghosts. 100
Mirror This Complete a race in Mirror Mode. 75
Multi Hits Hit an opponent wit a Power-Up in an Online Matchmaking race. 75
Oops… Hit your own Power-Up with your kart. 100
Passive Rider Complete Roo’s Tubes in Online Matchmaking without using any Power-Ups. 100
Power Slide Master Power Slide for 3 seconds consecutively. 100
Saw What I Did? Use a shortcut with Ripper Roo in any tracks. 75
Spirited Drift Catch 5 Ghosts while drifting at the same time. 100

Themed Challenges

Challenge Task Nitro Points
Better than Yourself Establish a best time in Time Trial in Nina’s Nightmare then beat it. 500
Check out my New Ride Play in Online Matchmaking using the Nautilus kart body. 400
Cup Bearer Win the Velo Cup with either Nina Cortex, Komodo Moe or N. Brio. 500
Ghost Hunter Find and catch 50 Ghosts in Nina’s Nightmare. 500
New Roster Complete an online race with Nina Cortex, Komodo Moe, and N. Brio. 400
No Power-Ups for Me Complete Nina’s Nightmare in Online Matchmaking without using any Power-Ups. 400
Online Hat Trick Win 3 online races in Nina’s Nightmare. 500
Power-Ups are Lame Win an Online Matchmaking race in Nina’s Nightmare without using any Power Up. 500
Team-Up Compete in a battle with Nina Cortex, Komodo Moe and N. Brio. 400
That Shortcut is Mine! Use a shortcut in Nina’s Nightmare. 300
Too Many Ghosts! Catch a total of 200 Ghosts during the Grand Prix Event. 750

Pro Challenges

Challenge Task Nitro Points
Beat the Champion Win a matchmaking race against another player who is using the Champion Kart. 600
Blue Fire all the Way! Complete 2 consecutive laps with Blue Fire coming out of the exhaust pipes. 750
Drift is the key Do 3 perfect Drift Boosts in a row. 400
Ghost Catcher Catch a total of 100 Ghosts in Online Matchmaking races. 750
Ghost of a Chance Catch 3 Ghosts while on Blue Fire. 750
Not Fast Enough Beat Dr. N. Tropy’s Time Trial Ghost in Crash Cove. 500
Peacemaker Win in Roo’s Tubes in Online Matchmaking without using any Power-Ups. 500
Points are Precious Win a game of Limit Battle in Online Matchmaking without being hit. 500
Show Off Win 5 Matchmaking races using the Champion. 750
That was Fast Do a Lap under 0:36:00 in Turbo Track. 400
The Podium is Yours Stand on the Online Matchmaking podium with Nina Cortex, Komodo Moe, N. Brio. 500
Time Travel Beat Dr. N. Tropy’s Ghost in Nina’s Nightmare. 500
Untouchable Win 5 Limit Battles in Frozen Frenzy without being hit. 350

Quick, Daily and Weekly challenges are usually updated along with time but the rest of the challenges should remain the same for the duration of the Grand Prix event. Spooky Grand Prix will officially start on Friday so the challenges will be added once the event properly begins later this week.

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As for the rewards, the following is the list of unlockables that will be a part of the new Spooky Grand Prix. This also includes the new characters.

In addition to releasing the Spooky Grand Prix, the update today made several changes like allowing Engine Swap, making the Wumpa Bonus apply to all modes, adding a new cup and much more.

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Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game was developed by Beenox and published by Activision.

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