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Days Gone Photo Mode Can Lead To One of The Most Hilarious Bike Glitch In The Game

Days Gone has a photo mode letting users tweak various parameters to take screenshots. You can also disable some objects to get amusing results. One of these is the bike for Deacon and it can lead to absolutely hilarious situations.

Days Gone Photo Mode lets you take cinematic shots. It is a good tool to appreciate the beauty of the game in great detail, but it can also lead to some comedic moments. For example, you can change the facial expressions of Deacon or disable objects around him. It is also possible to glitch out the Photo Mode e.g when removing the bike, as seen on reddit.

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Here is a video of Deacon riding around on an invisible bike on Days Gone that might provide some comic relief. It is not a normal occurrence in the game though, and this seems to be a rare bug that was potentially triggered by the user.

[GIF] I did not encounter any glitches Yet. (Days Gone) [GIF] from PS4

Watching Deacon ride in an invisible bike will never get old, and this seems to be more of a harmless bug. We have also seen first-person gameplay which interestingly ties to another glitch, but there is no official implementation of it in the game.

While these kinds of bugs don’t affect the enjoyment of the game, some can be infuriating like the frame rate slowdown issue, Copeland camp bug, and audio issues.

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