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Days Gone Update 1.05 Is The Smallest Patch So Far

Sony Bend Studio seems to be hard at work at Days Gone and have pushed out another update for the game. This will patch the game to version 1.05 although the lack of patch notes or changelog makes it hard to determine what is fixed with this update.

Days Gone has received a total of three updates within the span of a week since launching on April 26. This is a lot for a game in such a short amount of time, but it feels necessary since some of the biggest criticism that surrounded the launch of the game had to do with its bugs and glitches. It is the first open world game by Sony Bend Studio, so it was also a learning experience for them.

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Days Gone is one of the rare first-party exclusives that uses Unreal Engine 4 instead of the studio’s own game engine. Guerrilla Games had their Decima engine which was used for Killzone Shadowfall and Horizon Zero Dawn, Naughty Dog has their own engine and the same applies for most of the big name Sony first-party studios. Sony Bend Studio opted to go for a more mature and robust engine instead of creating their own for Days Gone.

Days Gone update 1.05 is rather small if we compare it to the previous patches. It is under 500 MB and by some reports, it is even less than 200 MB. This is normal for a hotfix type of update, while the last Days Gone update 1.04 was massive and had a download size of more than 13 GB. As a result of this small patch, we can assume this mostly relates to some last minute quick hotfix.

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Days Gone subreddit has a thread open for reporting bugs and some of the issues led to people getting stuck in missions, or audio glitches. This hotfix could resolve this issue perhaps, but we aren’t really sure of it due to the lack of Days Gone update 1.05 patch notes. Regardless, it is nice to see that Sony Bend Studio is working on fixing the issues that are currently happening with the game.

Update: Sony Bend Studio has shared the official patch notes for this update.

General Fixes

· A fix for a streaming issue in a certain locations​

Crash Fixes

· Fixed a bug where some players experienced a crash when booting up the game

Known Issue

  • Audio dropping out/muted. If you are experiencing this, equip the default exhaust to your bike. We are looking into a resolution for this issue.

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We have covered a lot of Days Gone issues so please take a moment to look at the Copeland Camp bugfix, Frame Rate issue, Hard mode difficulty, how to get the platinum trophy, manual save details, and the install size clarification.

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