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Devil May Cry 5’s New Update Has Reportedly Removed Censorship From a Cutscene On PS4

Devil May Cry 5 has received an update for the Blood Palace mode today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but apparently, there were some other changes as well. One of the changes is the removal of censorship from the PS4 version.

When Devil May Cry 5 launched, it was discovered that the Japanese version of the game didn’t implement any censorship when displaying nudity but the Western release added it after an update was released on the launch of the game. As it has happened with such cases of censorship, fans usually protest it and thus this led to some slight uproar among the Devil May Cry community.

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Capcom has released a Devil May Cry 5 update today adding Bloody Palace survival mode, but tucked inside was the removal of any of the lens flare that showed up in cutscenes where players could see any form of nudity for the female characters. Here is an example of the game being censored on the PS4.

The uncensored version is back again as seen in this video after installing the new update. You can now see full nudity at around 1:06 timestamp in the video, which happens during a cutscene in Mission 11. It is unknown how the other censored scenes are changed after this update since they also exhibited similar lens flare effect.

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It is still unclear if Capcom had planned to censor any such scenes with the lens flare effect, but this is not an uncommon tactic. It is employed for a lot of games, especially on the PS4, where Sony demands the developers to censor games to avoid any explicit nudity. This is apparently a new policy at Sony PlayStation that leads to stricter censorship rules for games released on their platform.

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