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DOOM Eternal Loads in Just 5 Seconds On Xbox Series X

DOOM Eternal is available starting this October on the Xbox Game Pass. It can be played through backward compatibility on Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X comes with a fast storage option in the form of a propriety SSD. While this might lead to expensive upgrade choices, it is also proving to be a gamechanger when it comes to loading backward compatible games. They can be loaded insanely fast like it is the case with DOOM Eternal.

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Microsoft is slowly giving influencers access to cover more games for the Xbox Series X through backward compatibility ahead of the launch of the console. It has led to some interesting results where load times remain the highlight.

In this case, DOOM Eternal was recently made available for Xbox Series X and  Spanish website 3DJuegos’ Director shared a video that showed the game loading on an Xbox Series X. It took just 5 seconds for the game to load from the main menu and this is without any enhancements that take advantage of the Velocity architecture of the Xbox Series X.

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For comparison, the load times of DOOM Eternal on an Xbox One X with SSD are roughly 10 seconds so this is almost twice as fast. It also comes quite close to the high-end PC running with the top-of-the-line SSD even though the game is not programmed right now to use the extra hardware power offered by the Xbox Series X.

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