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Elden Ring Story Trailer Provides An Epic Look At The World and Lore

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for Elden Ring giving us a look at the world and lore created by From Software and George R.R. Martin.

The story trailer made its debut during The Game Awards and featured stunning visuals of a fantasy world full of foul beasts and gorgeous landscapes. It is reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings universe created by J.R. R. Tolkien.

elden ring

Check out the new story trailer below. It mostly appears to contain pre-rendered footage. If you wanted to get your hands early on the game, you missed out on the chance as an open network test just ended back in November.

Here is some information is taken from the press release.

Take a deeper dive into the carefully crafted mythology of George R.R. Martin – author of The New York Times best-selling fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire – and the world created by FromSoftware based on his work in this new trailer available here

Transported to ages long ago, you will relive the Shattering, a war that brought darkness to the Lands Between, initiated by demigods’ hunger for power. You’ll fight alongside General Radahn and Malenia the Severed, but even these two undefeatable warriors couldn’t reunite a world so badly broken. There is only one hope left: the hope that a new Elden Lord will rise and lift the veil of shadows that has fallen over Marika’s domain.

The wait is almost over. Soon you’ll venture into the Lands Between and strive to become its Elden Lord. Stand ready, Tarnished, and prepare to claim what fate has promised you.

Elden Ring will be available on February 25, 2022, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. According to a report, Bandai Namco expects the game to sell more than 4 million units in its debut month.

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