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Fallout 76 Update Brings Its Nuclear Winter From Pre-Beta into Beta

Fallout 76 had a major update announced at E3 2019 that added Battle Royale support. Bethesda has now followed with another patch that brings the Nuclear Winter from pre-Beta to Beta phase.

Fallout 76 might have slowed down after its terrible launch but Bethesda was still supporting the game with free post-launch content updates, making it into a live service game that improved the quality and added new in-game content. Today, Fallout 76 has received update 1.20 on PS4 which is also available on Xbox One and PC.

According to Bethesda, this new Fallout 76 update has made the Nuclear Winter Battle Royale mode jump from its pre-Beta to Beta phase. They have made some design changes as a part of this new update. This is in addition to various tweaks and adjustments that were made in Fallout 76 update 1.20. It also includes many bug fixes for the game.

Nuclear Winter Design Changes

Items and Loot
  • Underarmor: Players can now favorite one Underarmor in the Atomic Shop for use in Nuclear Winter, in addition to one Headwear item and one Outfit.
  • Automatic Combat Rifles: Can now be found in Small Supply Crates rather than pre-existing containers in the world.
  • Submachine Guns: Can now be found in Medium Supply Crates rather than Small Supply Crates.
  • Supply Crates: Adjusted Supply Crate density in a few areas where more Crates were spawning than intended.
  • Dead Man Sprinting: This Perk previously was not applying its effects correctly and has been redesigned. Dead Man Sprinting now causes Action Points to drain 25% slower while under 30% HP.
Overseer Progression
  • Terminals: New entries have been added to ZAX Terminals that can be unlocked by reaching Overseer Rank 100.
User Interface
  • Tutorials: A “More Info” button has been added to the Nuclear Winter Perk Card menu, which can be used to re-open the Perk Card tutorial.

This applies to the design changes for Nuclear Winter, to get the full details on what is included in this patch, please check out the official patch notes.

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fallout 76 recently went free-to-play for a week in order to get fans back into the game. This happened after the release of the Nuclear Winter Battle Royale mode although it applied for a single week only.

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