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Final Fantasy XV Achieves 10 Million Sales, First Game In The Series To Do So Since FFX

Final Fantasy XV has finally sailed past the 10 million figure with a new update that was shared on the official Twitter account of the game.

As we last reported about it, the sales of the game stood at 9.8 million last year. It has continued to sell since then and has now passed through 10 million copies sold.

This number is important in several ways. When the game was still in development, the director of the game, Hajime Tabata, mentioned that their goal is to get a lifetime sales of 10 million. While the game was profitable from day one where it shipped more than five million copies, the sales goal of 10 million was left untouched for five years.

final fantasy xv

Final Fantasy XV was released back in November 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One. It was followed by a port to the PC with a new Windows Version subtitle. The game later received a re-release with Royal Edition that launched with all of the post-launch DLC of the game and new content in March 2018.

Another interesting tidbit is how this is the first game in the series to achieve this sales milestone without any re-release on other major platforms aside from PC. Final Fantasy X was the last major game to hit the 10 million sales milestone and since then, both Final Fantasy XII and XIII have failed to hit that target.

Square Enix is currently working on Final Fantasy XVI which they are hoping to launch on the PS5 soon. It is being developed by Creative Business Unit 3 at Square Enix who have worked on Final Fantasy XIV.

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