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Ghost of Tsushima Rated In Australia, Has Partial Nudity, Violence and Gore

Ghost of Tsushima has been rated in Australia and given a Mature MA15+ rating. This should hopefully mean it is launching later this June.

Ghost of Tsushima has recently received a major preview in the official PlayStation Magazine UK. This preview also reveals that the launch of the game is still on track for June 26. Sucker Punch hasn’t shared any details on a potential delay unlike The Last of Us Part 2, which was originally set to arrive at the end of May but has been delayed indefinitely.

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Ghost of Tsushima was rumored to have faced a delay due to an error made on the official PlayStation Canada website, but nothing official has come out of it yet. The only news regarding the game is that it has been rated in Australia by the rating board.

ghost of tsushima rating

According to the rating given to the game, it will be an MA15+ release in Australia. The game has “Strong themes and violence” as per the rating. There is mild nudity as per the rating, which is also the case with the ESRB rating. It was given a Mature rating by ESRB although the full description is not available as of yet.

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The official website has a description of what is included in the rating. Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, and Partial Nudity are the three main reason which also lines up with the themes that Sucker Punch wanted to tackle with this game. They wanted to convey the feeling of “mud, blood, and steel” with Ghost of Tsushima.

Sucker Punch has worked on inFamous Second Son and its expansion this generation with Ghost of Tsushima being their only new IP for the PS4. It is expected to launch on June 26.

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