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God of War PS4 Games and FFVII Remake Have Received a PS5 Support Update – Report

Earlier this month, some of the old PS4 games like God of War were randomly getting updated on the PS4. According to a new report, this is linked with support for the PS5.

Square Enix and Sony have updated Final Fantasy VII Remake, and God of War PS4 games. The patch notes for these updates only mention that they are for bug fixes, but Lance Mcdonald, who is well-known among the modding community, has revealed that they have added some degree of PS5 support as well.

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In a tweet, he revealed that by looking at the update files through a hex editor, he was able to verify that these are released to add support for the upcoming PS5. He also stated that this might not be limited to PS5 support, as there are potential bug fixes included as well.

god of war and ffvii remake ps5 update

‘Ok, I can confirm that God of War 3 Remastered, God of War (2018) and Final Fantasy 7 Remake have now been updated with some amount of added PS5 support. However, there’s no way to know what amount of “support” this actually is until we get hands-on.”

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“These patches likely also do other things, as the notes say, ‘bug fixes’. All I can say is that they do add some degree of PS5 support along with that. I can’t tell anything else. (I didn’t actually try installing and playing them, I just looked at the headers with a hex editor).”

PS5 will be released on November 12, in most of the major markets, and November 19, for the rest of the world. There has been an update on the PlayStation Store which confirms that the launch games are reportedly going live on Sony’s servers.

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