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PS5 Is Reportedly Being Sent To Press For Previews/Reviews

Sony has started to send various major press outlets and influencers a retail version of PS5 ahead of the launch of their next-generation console.

The first report of a PS5 being sent to an influencer was confirmed through famous YouTuber Austan Evans, who tweeted an extreme close-up of the DualSense controller. Now another press outlet, CNET’s editor-at-large, Jeff Bakalar has shared an image showing his preview PS5 which was sent by Sony. (Update: Most major outlets/influencers have confirmed their PS5 review unit from Sony since the publishing of this story.)

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Earlier today, we reported how several PS5 games have been updated on Sony’s PlayStation Network servers. These games include multiplatform releases like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and exclusives like Demon’s Souls.

ps5 dualsense close-up

While Microsoft sent influencers/outlets an early version of the Xbox Series X console, Sony hasn’t used the same marketing tactics. They have been slowly drip-feeding new information for the PlayStation 5 from the price, UI, to the backward compatibly confirmation.

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As the launch of the PlayStation 5 gets closer, Sony has also started to send various outlets a console in order to assist them with their early coverage of the various launch games and exclusives. There is still an embargo for the Xbox Series X when it comes to revealing information on some of the next-generation games, so the same could apply for the PlayStation 5.

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