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Halo Infinite Teen Rating Detailed by ESRB

ESRB has described the Teen rating for Halo Infinite. Here’s what you can expect to see in the game according to the ESRB.

We had already covered the rating for Halo Infinite based on the Korean Rating Board. The game was also rated in Australia ahead of the official release date announcement.

The release of the multiplayer today means that ESRB has now updated their website with the rating for the new Halo giving us a description of some of the content included in it. There isn’t much to add here. You have Blood, Mild Language, and Violence as the reason for the Teen rating.

There will be in-game purchases but it won’t be loot boxes. They are related to the Battle Pass of the game which will run season 1 until May 2022.

This is a first-person shooter in which players engage in a variety of multiplayer events (e.g., team battles, capture the flag, strongholds) on large-scale, futuristic battlefields. Players use firearms, grenades, and laser swords to kill opponents in head-to-head battle. Combat is highlighted by explosions, frequent gunfire, and cries of pain. Human characters emit small puffs of blood when injured. The words “a*s” and “p*ssed” appear in the game.

Based on the rating, it doesn’t appear to mention any campaign-related details, so it is safe to assume that this is for the multiplayer. The campaign may get a separate rating from the multiplayer which is available starting today.

While you are here, take a look at how to download the multiplayer, the known issues, and how to avoid the blue screen bug.

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