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Kojima Sends Norman Reedus An Amusing Message On Death Stranding 2 Leak

Game Director at Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima, took to Twitter to address the Death Stranding 2 leak. During an interview with Leo Edit, actor Norman Reedus confirmed the existence of a sequel. He mentioned that the studio recently began work on Death Stranding 2, so it’s likely very early in development at this point.

The news spread like wildfire and eventually made its way to Kojima himself. His response was quite amusing. Kojima shared pictures of himself and Reedus, where he’s seen carrying Negan’s barbed wire baseball bat from the AMC TV series, The Walking Dead. For the uninitiated, Reedus plays a central role in the TV show. Negan’s bat is called Lucille in the series, and Kojima is seen in the pictures wielding its replica.

Meanwhile, Reedus is seen on the ground, covering his face in fear, as Kojima is about to hit a home run. Kojima’s tweet says, “Go To your private room, my friend.” Of course, this is all just a joke, and Kojima doesn’t seem to mind that Reedus accidentally leaked the existence of Death Stranding 2. Regardless, it was funny seeing Kojima give a nod to the popular TV series by role-playing as Negan, with Reedus as his victim.

Death Stranding is an action game with asynchronous internet features set in an open environment. Death Stranding is referred to by Kojima as the first “strand game,” a unique genre defined by the game’s use of social features. Because the stealth genre has not yet been defined, Kojima contrasted this genre to how his earlier game Metal Gear, now considered a stealth game, was referred to be an action game at its debut.

The player takes control of Sam Bridges, a porter for the BRIDGES corporation. The player is entrusted with bringing supplies to distant cities known as KNOTs, as well as isolated researchers and survivalists, while also connecting them to the Chiral Network’s communications system. The firm and recipients rate the player based on their performance, including whether the cargo was delivered and in good condition, among other things. These merits are then utilized to strengthen the player’s stats like stability and weight capacity, as well as their status with certain locales and characters.

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