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MediEvil Demo Accidentally Goes Up Early On PSN Japan

MediEvil is getting a surprise demo in the upcoming State of Play as a listing for it went up on the Japanse PlayStation Store but was taken down quickly.

MediEvil is an upcoming remake by Sony Interactive Entertainment which is being developed by Other Ocean. It is based on the first game in the series that originally launched for the PS1. The demo for MediEvil remake appears to have gone live on the PlayStation Store and the timing for it was rather curious. It happened just ahead of the State of Play presentation which is due on September 24, or September 25 in Japan.

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The listing for the demo was up on the PlayStation Store for a while before it was quickly taken down once word of the demo started to spread among the fans. You can still go to the listing of the demo on the Japanese PlayStation Store but it currently gives that a “page not found” error.

Sony has a State of Play scheduled for September 24 which will also share new information on The Last of Us Part 2 and will include other games like Death Stranding. It is possible that an announcement was due for this presentation just like Nintendo has done with their Nintendo Direct, and the demo could go live after the presentation ends.

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MediEvil will be available to play exclusively for the PS4 on October 25, 2019. It is a budget-priced release with a launch price of $29.99. The game went gold last week which was confirmed by the developer.

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