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Death Stranding To Potentially Get a New Trailer For State of Play

Hideo Kojima has started to tease a brand new trailer for Death Stranding and it is being speculated that this might be shown during the upcoming State of Play.

Death Stranding remained a mystery for a long while but since it has received a release date, gameplay footage has been abundant. The release date trailer was quite long with more than eight minutes of footage but since then, there have been a lot more gameplay videos released by Kojima Productions.

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Sony has announced a new State of Play presentation which is confirmed to show The Last of Us Part 2. While this upcoming State of Play is not going to focus solely on The Last of Us Part 2, the other games that will be shown during it weren’t officially confirmed.

One of the rumors is that a new Batman game will be announced during it. Hideo Kojima has now also started to tease a trailer for Death Stranding. He shared an image on his Twitter account that showed him working on Adobe Premiere. This type of teasing has been used in the past for hinting at a new trailer.

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Eagle-eyed fans were able to spot that the tab that Kojima had opened had the title “launch_trailer_edit” which could mean that he is working on the launch trailer. The game already has a release date set for November 8, 2019, so this launch trailer could mean that the game will go gold soon. In development terms, going gold means that the development of the game has finished.

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