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Monolith’s Wonder Woman Is Reportedly In A Troubled State Of Development

Monolith Productions’ upcoming action adventure title based on the DC Comics IP, Wonder Woman, is reportedly in a troubled state of development.

Speaking during the latest episode of the Kinda Funny Gamescast, co-host Greg Miller mentioned hearing that the development of Monolith Productions’ Wonder Woman game is “troubled”. As a result, he doesn’t hold out hope that the game is in a position to be shown at the forthcoming Summer Game Fest 2024 in any shape or form.

Wonder woman development

Miller stated that he received the information regarding Wonder Woman being in a troubled state of development from an insider sometime during the past year. Things can and do change over a period as large as a year, and depending on when he heard about the game’s development troubles, the game may currently be in a better state than before. Regardless, we won’t be holding our breath for reveal trailer for Wonder Woman at the upcoming event, and neither should fans.

Not much is known about Monolith Productions’ Wonder Woman project at this point in time. Previously, during an episode of the XboxEra Podcast, co-host Shpeshal Nick had mentioned hearing details regarding the gameplay mechanics and graphical features that were being worked on for the game. Based on what he had heard, the Wonder Woman title will feature jumping, leaping, and quick dashing, allowing it to feel “really cool”, like a “good version” of Crackdown.

Nick further mentioned that players will face off against mobs, mini-bosses, as well as primary bosses. The game will apparently also offer chests and loot drops for equipment, including boots, braces, and torso gear with individual stats, much like in the recent God of War games. Additionally, it was mentioned that the Lariat i.e. The Lasso of Truth, feels good to use and is mechanically similar to Spiderman’s webs, as players will be able to wrap it around enemies to slam and combo them. The invisible jet is said to be available in the game as a tool for fast travel.

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