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New Nintendo Switch Firmware Update Is Dropping Soon

Nintendo will release a brand new Nintendo Switch firmware update in the coming days that will make some minor changes to the system software.

If you are hoping to see anything major with a new Nintendo Switch firmware update, it is unfortunately not the case for this one. This brand new Nintendo Switch firmware update is expected to drop in a few days and will feature support for the Chinese Language (Traditional and Simplified) and Korean Language UI support.

These are the only confirmed changes for the upcoming firmware update, and there will likely be some stability improvements or bug fixes implemented along with this patch. The last time Nintendo updated the Switch firmware was during the launch of Nintendo Online Subscription service.

The current firmware update is version 6.2.0 as seen on the official website. There is no upcoming firmware update version listed on the Nintendo America support website while the last update’s changelog mentions “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.” If this is another minor update, chances are that it will be a short incremental one from Nintendo Switch firmware update 6.2.0 to 6.3.0. If there is more to the update than language support, then we might see a bigger jump in the system software version.

Source (Nintendo HK and Nintendo KR)

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