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PS5 vs. Xbox Series X vs. Nintendo Switch Animated Size Comparison

We have seen plenty of comparison between the different next-generation consoles including PS5 but here is an animated comparison that is quite accurate.

Japanese artist Kei Sawada has shared a comparison of the various next-generation consoles including PS5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch. This is perhaps the most accurate comparison of the next-generation consoles which gives a better overview of how they can look next to each other.

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As we can see, PS5 is easily one of the largest consoles developed by Sony. As see in the images shared by a FCC filing, the console is also quite bulky matching the design of the original PlayStation 3.

ps5 size comparison with xbox ps5 size comparison

There are two different version of the PlayStation 5. One is the discless version that will be sold at a cheaper price than the disc version. The difference between both versions of the console is just $100 with the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition costing $399 while the PlayStation Disc Version costing $499.

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Sony is targeting a different market compared to the Xbox Series with their pricing. Microsoft has opted to develop a cheaper version of Xbox Series with the Xbox Series S that will be sold for $299 while the Xbox Series X is expensive but matches the disc version of the PlayStation 5 at $499.

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