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Resident Evil 2 Secret Achievement Revealed, Will Be a Free Update

Resident Evil 2 had a secret achievement that was first spotted on Steam. After the announcement of RE 3 Remake, the mystery behind it has been revealed.

Capcom has shared a major new announcement with the release date of Resident Evil 3 Remake. Those who have played both of the games know how the stories are linked between them. It appears that Capcom had this story link in mind when they had a secret achievement hidden on Steam and now that the third game is confirmed, the achievement has also been revealed.

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Those who own a copy of Resident Evil 2 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One should brace for an update that should add this achievement. If you want to see it as a surprise, don’t read any further. It might spoil the fun of discovering it on your own.

resident evil 2 remake update

This achievement is simply called “Chasing Jill” and the description states: “Read a letter left behind by Jill.” It doesn’t explain the purpose of the update that is currently in development if we check the Steam Database updates to Resident Evil 2 Remake.

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The details of this new update are not revealed yet but judging by the update on Steam, this could be revealed as soon as this week. It is possible that this update is one of the announcements at The Game Awards or for the upcoming Jump Festa event that is scheduled for December 21 and 22 in Japan.

Resident Evil 3 Remake is confirmed to launch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, on April 3, 2020. The game uses the same engine as Resident Evil 2. It as first leaked through the official PlayStation Store and then confirmed with a trailer during the Sony PlayStation’s State of Play.

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